Tend to your Central Heating System with Our Power Flushing Services in West Bromwich

Radiator cleaning and other premium descaling services for your home

At Element Gas & Heating Ltd, we make sure that your home will be evenly heated up, your boiler will no longer be noisy, and none of your radiators will be cold at the bottom. You’ll save on heating bills and have a heating system clean as a whistle, and that’s not all. Our meticulous power flush and radiator cleaning services guarantee that:
  • Heat output is fully restored to all radiators in your home;
  • All aggressive water is removed;
  • Corrosion treats are taken out of the way;
  • Your system’s efficiency is restored;
  • The life expectancy of your equipment will increase;
  • Guaranteed even distribution of heat throughout your house.
In addition to power flushing, we also provide you with a choice of descaling offerings that include heat exchanger, moulds and pipeline descaling services. Through the descaling process:
  • Any marks of dirt, sludge, scale, and oxidation will be eliminate and removed;
  • Your equipment will be fully protected against corrosion.

Trustworthy, guaranteed services

At Element Gas & Heating Ltd, we work only with experts who perform plumbing services meant to raise the bar within the industry. The departments in West Bromwich and Birmingham are our biggest pride, and we always offer guarantees for our first-class job. In the eventuality of any faulty workmanship, we offer warranties against blockages, fixing everything for you at the drop of a hat.
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