The Smart Move: Smart Thermostats from West Bromwich

Smart Heating systems, your best friend from home

Cherry-pick your favourite smart thermostats from a collection of smart gadgets that remember your preferences. Our smart thermostats are stylish, intuitive systems that:
  • Retain the programming and scheduling features
  • Show real-time energy consumption
  • Adjust themselves depending on humidity, and other ambient conditions
  • Sense when your home, and learn from your behaviour
  • Allow remote management via mobile apps
For electrical outlets and appliances in West Bromwich, Birmingham and the surrounding areas call Element Gas & Heating Ltd. We also offer remote control devices to control the lights and appliances at home, with one single push of a button. Prepare your arrival from a long day at work, and light up your home.

Birmingham’s most efficient provider of SMART THERMOSTATS

Element Gas & Heating Ltd is your licensed supplier of Nest thermostats in West Bromwich and Birmingham. We are proud to partner with Nest, one of the leading specialists in the home automation industry. For all those who are tired of home heating systems that constantly fail and require your physical presence for any adjustment, give us a call right now. With our smart thermostats, keeping an optimal climate in your home at any point is no longer impossible.
 Dial 07852 596 224 to keep your home ultra-cosy!
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