Protect your Tenants with the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate
in West Bromwich

Keep an eye on your home’s safety

In order to provide you with the landlord gas safety certificate, Element Gas & Heating Ltd will conduct a series of check-ups to verify if all your gas appliances are behaving as desired.

In a nutshell, we will:
  • investigate all gas appliances and fittings;
  • see if they are functioning according to the UK law;
  • help you with annual gas safety checks.
Only after confirming that everything is safe and secure, we will grant you with landlord gas safety certificates that you need to show your tenants at the start of their tenancy. Get in touch with our West Bromwich gas and heating experts today for more information.

Practical and accessible plumbing solutions

There’s never a good time to deal with plumbing problems. Any time these happen, you want to make them disappear as soon as possible. We understand completely. The best and quickest way to do so is by contacting our skilled plumbers at Element Gas & Heating Ltd from our offices in West Bromwich and Birmingham, and they’ll get to the bottom of those issues, solving them pronto.

It’s not only that they will figure out what the problem was and solve it accordingly, but they’ll make sure that you won’t be stumbling across such issues in the near future.
To know more about your legal gas safety requirements and certifications, 
email or call us
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